We would like to extend a special thank you to the following schools of fishing and fleets of shipping for their loyal support.
  1. Oil drilling rigs, off Angola.
  2. Diamond Dredgers, off Port Nolloth.
  3. Horse Marcel Fish Factories, off Namibia.
  4. Salvage Tug Fleets, operating internationally.
  5. White fish trawlers, operating out of Cape Town.
  6. Wet fish trawlers, operating out of Cape Town.
  7. High Sea Freezer Fleet, fishing @ +300meters below.
  8. Small Tug Fleet, servicing vessels in the bay.
  9. Chinese Long Liners, doing routine repairs out of season.
  10. International Oceanagraphic Research fleet.
  11. Diesel engine repair agents.

Thank you all from the team at
A. I. Commercial & Marine Services.
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