Polyurea and Elastomers

AICMS were the first contractors to import and utilise pure Polyurea in South Africa, which has proven to be highly successful.

While still in it’s infancy in South Africa, Polyurea has proven to be superior to fibre glass coatings in the following ways:

  • fully serviceable one hour after application
  • no styrene emissions
  • no noxious odours
  • USDA approved
  • remarkable elastic and bridging properties
  • superior to anything else available

Applications include

  • fish hold linings
  • fish factory coatings
  • bridge deck waterproofing
  • water tank lining
  • also used as a vapour barrier

Application thicknesses from 1mm to 8mm. All thicknesses are applied simultaneously, without overcoat times. Application time is swift, and for example 120m @ 3mm thick can be applied in less than 3 hours.

Data sheet available on request

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