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Polyurethane Pump to fish hold   Polyurethane Spray to fish hold   Polyurethane Spray to delivery vehicle
Polyurethane Spray to fish hold   Polyurethane Spray to film set   Specialised HACCP fish hold hatch
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Stainless Steel / Polyurethane sprayed fish hold hatch   New timber cargo grates to hold   Refurbishing wet fish hold
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New timber corked decking   New ice bunker doors   Plastic HACCP friendly deck grates
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Purpose made fibreglass drip trays   Purpose made Stainless Steel washbasin   Stainless steel cladding and ships partitions in ship's showers
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New pipe lagging, air conditioner duct and fan to engine room   New lightweight gang plank   Manufacture of stainless steel refrigeration coils
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User friendly insulation blankets   Armour flex cold insulation   Spec, supply fit and insulate - trace heating and lagging to H.F.O lines
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