Cape Town Docks Moments

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The Pier, Cape Town   Cape Town Docks, 1940s   Ship Overturned
The Pier, Cape Town, 1930's   Cape Town Docks, 1940's   Boronia overturned in dock,1999
Ship Overturned   Lifeboat fire damage, repair quay   Europa 2005
Boronia overturned in dock,1999   Lifeboat fire damage, repair quay, 2004   Europa 2005
Rainbow over port, 2005   Coach hit a parked  bakkie, 2005   Collier Jetty 2006
Rainbow over our port, 2005   This coach hit a parked bakkie, 2005
(No injuries)
  Tandem Rigging crane 12 wheels unturned Collier Jetty 2006
High security, dry dock, 2006   No explanation!   Note the spikes, Duncan Road, 2007
High Security, Dry Dock, 2006   No explanation! 2007   Note the spikes - Duncan Road, 2007
Running repairs on board ship   Weigh bridge - 480kg of Seagull meat   Breakwater damage 2008
Running repairs on board ship, 2007   Weighbridge - 480kg of Seagull meat, 2007   Breakwater damage, 2008
S   Saint Briac sank at landing wall and raised March 2008  
Gail force South Easter blows down stacked container, C-Berth, June 2008 - No injuries   Saint Briac - Sank at landing wall and raised March 2008   Alfa Laval in the drink at M-Berth
November 2008 - No injuries
Veld fire smoke to a rising sun
February 2009
  Docks determination
Summer 2008
  Resting at 5m draft mark
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